About Us

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Who We Are

We are focused on the SOUL of every man and woman. The “SOUL” is our BEING and it contains the in-print of our personality, emotions, will and thoughts. It is the hidden part of our humanness that contains the information which helps you fulfill your life here on earth. At SOUL RESTORATION MINISTRIES (SRM), we believe: God wants every SOUL to get saved so that it is reconciled with his Holy Spirit. This is why this ministry believes in evangelism, outreach and the works of the LORD. Once you are saved, your SOUL has to be worked on by his SPIRIT so that you can live a life pleasing to God and full of His grace.

How We Achieve The Mission


The heart of Christianity is the making of disciples. Matthew 28:19


Everyone is important and everyone deserves to be loved cared for and supported as they pursue the right course of life.


Jesus reached out to us and gave us the responsibility for reaching out to others with His love. Mark 16:15

Leadership Development

Everybody has the potential to lead. We have the responsibility to raise Godly leaders who will rise to influence their society with the principle of the Kingdom of God. Proverbs 29:2